Green Walls

A wall that breathes with you

Mankind is inexplicably attracted to nature: it inspires us, protects us, and at the same time accepts us. It's an invisible bond in which our thoughts find peace. For centuries, we have become used to carefully separating our living space from the environment, keeping our distance from it. We believe that nature and man need each other and that life cannot be a matter of luxury alone. Plants and nature have a beneficial effect on the soul, and even though not everyone has their own garden or terrace, we can all free a wall in our homes. A green wall or vertical garden can be assembled from any indoor plant. The varieties are endless and tailored to individual needs. Green walls are made of high-quality materials and, thanks to their stable structures, can be mounted to any wall surface. Green walls can be excellent decoration solutions for any interior wall surface!

Green walls with automatic irrigation and nutrient supply system

The living-breathing plant wall, with its precisely designed, overlapping elements can be placed on any wall surface. (minimum 60 cm wide) One planting box is 57 cm wide, 18 cm deep and 18 cm high. The plants receive the nutrients from below, which is optimal for them, as they only get as much water as they really need, hence creating the right conditions. Over-watering the plants is almost impossible because at the end of each plant row a water level gauge is placed, which makes regulating the amount of water easy. The great advantage of the system is the water storage capacity, which is able to store water under the vegetation for up to 3-4 weeks, depending on the plant type and temperature. Another advantage is that the expensive and time-consuming drip system does not have to be installed and maintained, thus ensuring maintenance-free, long-term use.

Advantages of a vertical garden:

  •  the system is able to store water for a long time
  •  plants get water and nutrients from below, from their roots, which is a healthier alternative
  •  does not require electricity- no drip system is required
  •  it only needs to be filled with water every 3-5 weeks (depending on the size and conditions of the room)
  •  the structure is made of high-quality material
  •  quick and easy to install
  •  can be installed in almost any residential and institutional setting
  •  it's a system that can be built in any size from a minimum wall width of 60 cm
  •  the system allows the pots holding the plants to be easily replaced.
Beneficial effects of green walls

They improve air quality, optimize indoor conditions (produce oxygen and bind airborne dust). We spend a significant portion of our lives in our homes and workplaces, but the air in closed spaces hides many invisible and potentially harmful particles. The most commonly known include formaldehyde and benzene. However, it is now a proven fact that plants are able to absorb not only carbon dioxide but also the aforementioned harmful substances from the air during their photosynthesis. This makes them one of the most effective natural air purifiers. Their stress-reducing and soothing effects are not negligible either, they create a sense of comfort in us, which has been proven to increase our mental performance. Who we recommend green walls to: office buildings, restaurants, cafes private residential units, hotels, hostels and institutions.