Bio Fireplaces

By placing bio fireplaces into an apartment, we can experience the warmth of our home at a whole new level. Every day, the family can admire the wonderful and at the same time mysterious sight of the artistically dancing flames and with them the joyful feeling of warmth. Fire has played an important role in mankind's life since ancient times. In addition to its practical utilization, it also had a mystical significance in the beliefs of several cultures. Modernization has taken this experience away from us in recent decades, flames have been pushed out of homes and modern heating appliances have taken over its role. Most people, however, would like to experience the romantic atmosphere and the closeness of fire. Who hasn't heard about people dreaming of having a fireplace in their home? These desires are held back today due to the fact that the vast majority of urban homes do not have chimneys.

The problem of smoke extraction deprives many people of this wonderful experience, the great feeling of getting lost in the sight of flames. We realize the importance of fire when it provides us the inimitable feeling of warmth and its ability to calm our nerves. Anyone who has ever experienced this feeling knows that fire is not just a physicochemical process, but a vitamin for the soul. Bio fireplaces open up new perspectives in "smuggling" these ancient feelings back into the living space, as they don't need a chimney. The fuel for these devices is environmentally friendly bioethanol, which does not produce substances harmful to health during combustion, and even does good to us in a biological sense by slightly humidifying the air. The bio fireplace is a brilliant solution for those who want to create an island of harmony in their home without breaking the walls and mixing mortar. Consider this easy to build sanctuary in your home where every member of the family will find joy.

What is a bio fireplace? Vitamin for the soul ... A new concept in the field of interior design and home commodities. It provides a real fireplace experience with real fire, but does not produce smoke and soot. The biggest advantage of bio fireplaces is that they don't require a chimney to use, therefore can be placed anywhere in our homes. In addition, it's an inexpensive solution, quick to install and environmentally friendly because it runs on bioethanol. The bio fireplace is a trendy, 21st century design element, heating device and relaxation center of our apartment, a true "3 in1" solution for urban dwellers.