Laminate Floors

Parador laminate flooring can easily be mixed with real wood flooring. During the professional, high-quality production technology, a 200 sqm original wood pattern appears - photographed by a team of professional designers, slightly remodeled - on all our laminate floors. The world of the sophisticated and unique brand, Parador was created for people who are receptive to design and beauty, and seek the highest quality. 

Why is it really beneficial to meet the natural effect of wood and Parador's innovative laminated surface? The ancient sense of security of a close-to-nature experience is coupled with the high resistance, long life and realistic surface structure of the high-quality synthetic resin surface, so its feel is deceptively similar to a real wooden floor. Parador pays particular attention to the close-up, detailed look of this nature. 

We offer classic versions of the 3-division type planks and also modern and elegant types in deck formats. From hardwood floors we can choose between two sizes; in the Basic and Classic family you will find a wide range of sizes of normal length, in the Trendtime family you will find a wide range of sizes and 220 cm laminate floors similar to the size of real wood flooring. In the members of this collection, fine workmanship is emphasized even more, where the original wood pattern is unbelievably lifelike.