Vinyl Floors

Parador Vinyl and Solid Vinyl floors are manufactured exclusively using certified raw materials, free of harmful plasticizers. Vinyl uses a polyurethane to form the wear layer of the floor, which has all the positive properties of the floor covering; it elevates outstanding durability, it's flexible and easy to use. The high-density fiberboard (HDF) helps maintain sustainable forest management, the floor is extremely environmentally friendly. Parador Solid Vinyl thanks to the Comfort-Click and Parador Vinyl thanks to the SAFE-LOCK® profile gives a loose and firm movement, it's easy to assemble and provides extremely secure bonding. Using modern methods and professional manufacturing technologies, the thickness of the wear-resistant layer (0.3-0.55 mm) can be reduced, so the same product quality results in lower raw material consumption. Without burdening the environment, resources can be saved. 

Parador Vinyl floors are available in many wood-like finishes, such as oak, beech, walnut and apple, or other finishes like slate, concrete, desert and sandstone effects representing modern design, in two sizes. The strict printing process of decor papers doesn't use heavy metal pigments and toxic substances, and operates with a high recycled paper content.