About us

As a Hungarian distributor of Parador German premium floors, we represent a brand that stands out from ordinary floors in terms of both quality and appearance.

Our experience is that our floors are treated not only as simple building materials, but also as part of a concept and careful, long planning, together with interior designers who determine the atmosphere of the home.

Our product range includes not only laminate floors, but also vinyl floors, wooden floors and coverings for special needs.

Usually we are involved in the process already in the design phase, for which there is a growing demand, and as a distributor we provide the professional competence and the necessary technical support.

In addition to floor coverings, we also sell 3D wall panels, even with individual designs on request, as well as bio-fireplaces and green walls.

Our company is 100% Hungarian-owned, and our employees have several years of professional experience and references in the field of flooring.

We are happy to be at your service.